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Order of St. Augustine.

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“Before all else, live together in harmony, being of one mind and one heart on the way to God.”  St. Augustine.

Visit the Grotto at Lourdes LIVE on Live-TV Lourdes 24/7.

    Le Sanctuaire Notre-Dame de Lourdes

Diffusion en direct de la Grotte de Lourdes

Click the TV-Lourdes graphic below to go straight to the LIVE-TV Lourdes 24/7 web site.

     Then click the arrow in the middle of the video to start the LIVE TV-Lourdes broadcast.

     On this site you can see a daily and weekly timetable of all the events in Lourdes including Mass, Rosary, and  Processions, many of which can be seen and heard  LIVE 

     from TV-Lourdes, but remember: we are one hour behind the French times listed.

The Handicapped Children’s Pilgrimage Trust is a Registered Charity that offers a free week of unforgettable fun  
  and friendship to children with disabilities or emotional needs on a Pilgrimage to Lourdes, as well as providing 
              fully accessible accommodation and travel for adult Pilgrims. Please click HERE for more information.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/Organisations/hcpt.html
Click here to see a 56 min. video about the Miracles of Lourdes, including a history of the Grotto and Apparitions.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature57.html