Welcome to Saint Mary’s Church, Harborne, Birmingham, UK.

Order of St. Augustine.

Archdiocese of Birmingham

“Before all else, live together in harmony, being of one mind and one heart on the way to God.”  St. Augustine.

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     Regular Weekly Events, Masses, and Meetings etc. follow below:
                       (For dates of Holydays of Obligation please see Times of Services on the left index.)

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Mass at 8.00am, 9.30am - Children’s Liturgy during Term Time - see Weekly Newsletter, 11.00am and 5.00pm (See Weekly Newsletter for regular monthly YO Youth Masses.)

“Mini Mary’s”:
is available for children as a guide to this week’s Gospel for the younger children. Please click HERE to download and/or print off, then please BOOKMARK the page as a new “Mini Mary’s” is available every weekend.

Need a lift to Mass? Please contact Geoff Dickinson on 0121 427 5288.

Youth Group: 
The Youth Group meets every fortnight during term-time. Please see newsletter for dates and times.

Fr. Bernard’s Sunday Homily: 
Every Sunday evening Fr. Bernard’s Homily (when given) is published on this web site for you to read over and reflect upon. Please click HERE for the most recent Homily. (Also a link to Fr. John’s Homilies.)

Special Feature web page:
Each week we aim to highlight a Special Feature that is connected to our web site or is Church-related and this page is updated every Friday with the Newsletter. If you would like to see this week’s Special Feature page then please click HERE.

Mass at 8.30am and 12noon.

Monday Meditation Group: (No meditation Group until Monday 3rd. September.)
Please join us every Monday at 9.00am in term time. Just press the intercom bell at the Priory front door, go into the Prayer Room and enjoy some peaceful prayer and meditation.

Mass at 8.30am and 12noon.

Tuesday Club:
This club no longer meets.

Mass at 8.30am and 12noon.

Mothers’ Prayers:
was launched by Veronica and Sandra, both from England, who felt led by the Lord to pray in a special way for their children. There have been many wonderful answers to prayers since then and has now spread to more than 100 counties. Come to the Priory and then through to the Prayer Room, everyone is welcome every Wednesday from 2.30pm to 3.00pm. Please do join us.

The Wednesday Prayer Group now meets at the St. Rose of Lima Church, Weoley Castle, every Wednesday evening at 8.00pm.

Mass at 8.30am and 12noon.

Knitting Group (knit and natter):
Meets in the every Thursday in the Priory Conference Room, through the Priory front door. Everyone is very welcome. Many items have been made for babies, children, refugees and the homeless. Teddies have been sent to the Gambia for a Nursery. We would be very grateful for any donations of wool to help us continue this work. The group meets from 2.00pm to 4.00pm. Thank you, Marjorie, Kath and Jenny.

About Being Catholic:
The ABC programme meets at 7.30pm in the Parish Centre. Please see the Newsletter for dates. times and topics.

Mass at 8.30am and 12noon.

Every Friday, one hour’s Adoration from10.30 to 11.30am. 
On the first Friday of each month Benediction and Devotions will be celebrated by a priest - at 11.30am. The Hour’s Adoration and the First  Friday Benediction is to pray for Vocations.

Mass at 12noon. Vigil of Sunday Mass at 6.00pm. 

On request and on Saturdays from 10.30am to 11.30am and also from
4.30pm to 5.30pm.

                                                                         OTHER EVENTS AND NOTICES:

Can’t get to Mass?:
The Augustinians of St. Augustine's Priory, Washington Street, Cork, broadcast a live TV Mass every weekday at 4pm. The web site that organises this also has a long list of other live Masses throughout the day, 7 days a week. For more information please click this link HERE.

Vivian Road Pre-School: 
9.00am-3.00pm, for children 2 1/2 to school age - funding available. For further details, contact Andrea on 07732 908194.

Pray and Play:
is a rosary prayer group of parents with preschool babies and children. We meet once a week, on a Wednesday, in the comfort of our homes with lots of toys and snacks for prayer and play. It's a lovely way to meet other families with little ones and to pray together. We currently have a few spaces available in the group and wondered if you would like to join us/try it out? If yes, then please contact Fran Lee by email: Francisca_gb@yahoo.co.uk or by  telephone (07718 997074). We look forward to hearing from you!

Going Into Hospital?: 
If you need a visit from the Catholic Chaplain, you must ask one of the nurses to contact the Catholic Chaplain for you, giving your name and ward. Fr Charles Miller, the Catholic Chaplain, can anoint you or hear your confession. If you know when you are to be admitted, it is better to approach your own Priest for the Sacrament of the Sick prior to going in. The QE Chaplaincy Office number is 371 4568, where a message for the Catholic Chaplain can be left. If you wish to be visited by Fr Charles, Hospital RC Chaplain, please ask a ward nurse; if you wish him to visit an RC patient, ring 0121 371 4563 (not the switchboard!), leaving a message with patient’s name and ward.

Asperger’s Syndrome Social Group: 
A social get together for adults with Asperger’s Syndrome is being held monthly at Harborne Cricket Club. If you are interested in joining them, please contact Nick Clarke on 07723 575382 after 4pm or e-mail nickwclarke@hotmail.com.

“Catholic Singles” is an organisation which helps single, widowed, separated and divorced Catholics of all ages (over 18 years) meet, either one to one or through social events. All members receive a monthly bulletin called Catholic Networking. For more information please tel 0161 941 3498, visit the website www.catholicsingles.org.uk or email info@catholicsingles.org.uk.

Preet Gill, our MP, has her surgeries the first Friday of every month. Harborne's is 6.30-7.30pm at Lordswood Girls' School (B17 8QB).

                           Please see many more notices on the church notice boards at the back of the church.
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