Welcome to Saint Mary’s Church, Harborne, Birmingham, UK.

Order of St. Augustine.

Archdiocese of Birmingham

“Before all else, live together in harmony, being of one mind and one heart on the way to God.”  St. Augustine.

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Each week we aim to highlight a Special Feature that

      is connected to our web site or is Church-related.

If you missed a Special Feature or just want to see 

   one again, here is the list of previous features....

1.    TV- Lourdes broadcasts LIVE at The Lourdes Grotto, Masses, Processions, Rosary, etc. 24/7.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/lourdes.html
2.    How can God be good, but allow bad things to happen? http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature2.html
3.    The “Agnus Dei”  is the tenth part of Karl Jenkins' “The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace”, 2001.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature3.html
   A Video Tour of Clare Priory: The first Augustinian House in England.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature4.html
5.    “Job Vacancy” - For A Good Samaritan!http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature5.html
6.    National ”Rosary On The Coast”  event, Sunday April 29th. http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature6.html
7.    The Story of the Iron - How my search for an iron led me to some unexpected results!http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature7.html
8.    “Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me).”  This new hymn is worth listening to.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature8.html
9.    ”The Best Step You’ll Ever Make.”  Vocations to the Religious Life.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature9.html
10.    “How Great Thou Art” - an amazing hymn.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature10.html
11.     Could YOU become a Deacon?http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature11.html
12.     Five years with Pope Francis.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature12.html
   One Solitary Life.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature13.html
   Lourdes - “I am the Immaculate Conception.”http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature14.html
  Jerusalem: Is this the Garden Tomb of Jesus found near Golgotha in 1867?http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature15.html
18.   Life Insurance: Believe in Good.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature18.html
16.    A cat called “Ugly” - you MUST read this short story right to the end!http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature16.html
17.   Andrea Bocelli sings “Ave Maria”  (Schubert) at The Coliseum, Rome.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature17.html

Click the title below for this week’s Special Feature:

St. Mary’s Special Feature pages.

19.  The  Father’s Love letter - To You!http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature19.html
20.  Who is the best Dad in the world? (This is for the children.)http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature20.html
21.  Spread Faith through play. (Pope Francis.)http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature21.html
22.  The Nurses Story.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature22.html
23. ‘Imagine a world where love is the way’.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature23.html
24.  Pange Lingua Gloriosi - Catholic Hymns, Gregorian Chant.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature24.html
27.  Sharing Our Common Home.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature27.html
25.  You’ve got a friend in me!http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature25.html
26.  ABBA - I Have A Dream (From The Late Late Breakfast Show, England 1982)http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature26.html
32.  A Chant of the Benedictine monks of 1,000 year-old Fontgombault Abbey, France.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature32.html
28.  Turn, Turn, Turn: To everything there is a season.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature28.html
29.   From the BBC: What’s the best way to face death?http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature29.html
30.  Pope Francis tells a joke about parish gossips, but seriously....http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature30.html
31.  St. Chad’s Sanctuary, Birmingham.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature31.html
What’s under St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican, Rome?http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature36.html
33.  HCPT – Hosanna House and Children’s Pilgrimage Trust.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature33.html
34.  Hymn: Vaster Far Than Any Ocean (with lyrics) - Trad. Arr. P. M. Anderson.http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature34.html
35.  Let The Children Live!  (Street Children in Medellin, Columbia.)http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/feature35.html