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“Before all else, live together in harmony, being of one mind and one heart on the way to God.”  St. Augustine.

222: Surgical and Medical Grab Bags for Ukraine.

St. Mary’s is helping the Ukraine nation by providing, supplying and delivering Medical and Surgical Grab Bags directly to where they are needed. £3,400 has been donated in two weeks for the purchase of Medical Grab Bags (£405) and Surgical Grab Bags (£805). Cliff has let us know that the Christian names of each donor have been attached to the various Grab Bags you’ve bought – and have been driven by Toby to Lviv, just over the Polish/Ukraine border - and beyond.

Ukraine Medical and Surgical Grab Bags: any donation can be given to Fr John, enabling Cliff (parishioner) to purchase, and Toby (London colleague), to deliver bags, personally and weekly, in Lviv to various ambulances, some reaching even Mariupolis.

Donations, large or small: best either to put in a envelope with your name on it and hand to Fr John or to put in the wooden Offertory Box, marking Ukraine on the envelope, or deliver to the Priory office.

Or email parishpriest@stmarysharborne.org.uk asking for Fr John’s bank details.

Госпітальєри Госпитальеры Hospitallers:

Госпітальєри Госпитальеры Hospitallers

"Вміння новоприбулих госпітальєрів-парамедиків застосувати набуті перед ротацією знання і навички з надання меддопомоги пораненим у поєднанні з досвідом керівниць обох екіпажів та відповідальною і професійною роботою водіїв і вогневиків - допомогло здобути добрих показників"

"The ability of newly arrived hospital paramedics to apply the pre-rotation knowledge and skills of providing medical care to the wounded combined with the experience of both crew leaders and responsible and professional work of drivers and firefighters - help go get some good marks"


Click the link below to visit the Facebook page of the Ukrainian Hospitallers where you can see the work they do and a “Thank You” message to all the parishioners of St. Mary’s, Harborne.

“We’ll never stop saying how much our team is grateful to Наталія Романович, Iryna Zeldes Le Broussois, Аулісі Котик, Oleksiy Soroka, Dmytro Kuziak, Східний Вовк, Artem Kuybida, Rog Barnes, Alex Podopryhora and Ukraine Charity for your continuous help and generous donation!

Two ambulances and a pickup truck will be of huge support for our life-saving mission!

Another ambulance came from Switzerland donated by Association for help of Ukrainian Doctors

Also, we want to say our gratitude to the people of St. Mary's R.C. Church, Harborne.

(Harborne, Birmingham) and volunteers of the Closer Apart group for medical help

We also grateful to an IT team from

Ukraine who opted to remain anonymous for radio equipment and medical supplies in excess of £50000.

Every donation (big or small) helps us to keep going and save more and more lives! We’re thankful to everyone who doesn’t stand aside!

Together we’re strong!

Join to help with us https://www.hospitallers.co.uk/



Click this link for more information: