Welcome to Saint Mary’s Church, Harborne, Birmingham, UK.

Order of St. Augustine.

Archdiocese of Birmingham

“Before all else, live together in harmony, being of one mind and one heart on the way to God.”  St. Augustine.

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Coronavirus updates.

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Going Into Hospital?:

If you, or if a family member or friend, need a visit from the Catholic Chaplain, you must ask one of the nurses to contact the Catholic Chaplain for you, giving your name and ward. Fr Charles Miller, the Catholic Chaplain, can anoint you or hear your confession. If you know when you are to be admitted, it is better to approach your own Priest for the Sacrament of the Sick prior to going in. The QE Chaplaincy Office number is 371 4568, where a message for the Catholic Chaplain can be left. If you wish to be visited by Fr Charles, Hospital RC Chaplain, please ask a ward nurse; if you wish him to visit an RC patient, ring 0121 371 4563 (not the switchboard), leaving a message with patient’s name and ward.

The obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holydays is removed because of this pandemic.

Helping the self-isolated:

The “We Care” Group has been set up by a group of parishioners to help those who may need shopping, medicines or just a phone call to chat. If you want to volunteer or ask for help, contact John Finnegan who co-ordinates the group – 07879 486692 / johnfinnegan@btconnect.com.


MONDAY and WEDNESDAY only from 10.30am to12.00pm; and  2.30 to 4.00pm.

St Mary’s is open for private prayer only - and that means silent prayer, please!
Please: keep the silence as you enter the Porch, as doors to and from the Church must be open.

Please: if you have any Covid-19 symptoms (see Poster on Porch window) - don’t come in! Isolate!

Our Church is laid out not as you have known it: all seating is re-arranged to accord with the hygiene safety requirements of the Church and State, all based on 2 metres apart, whether praying or walking - and use our Sanitising Gel as you enter and before you leave, please.

ONE WAY SYSTEM from St Rita to the Sacred Heart, with 15 ‘PRAY HERE’ places only in Old Church section, with Blessed Sacrament in Old Church Sanctuary only.

Our Stewards in full PPE, 3 each session, are here to assist you - and to cleanse the ‘Pray Here’ place where you have been, as soon as you leave. Ask questions of them in a whisper, please.

Sorry, as yet: No Holy Communion, no Confession, no Baptisms, no Funerals, no Toilets, not even for the desperate!

Please, if there is a queue to pray in the Porch or outside, don’t spend too long.

Volunteer Stewards: Thank you for responding to our appeal for ‘cleaners’ - you are now exalted as Stewards. We now have enough for 1 week (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday) of 2 sessions 10.30-12.00; 2.30-4.00. But we need back-up, please, reserves, substitutes - not least because “Open for private prayer only” could well go on for 2 or 3 months, especially if ‘R’ goes over 1. Phone Nadine, or Cynthia Deeson 07702 747113 / cyndeeson @aol.com

    St. Mary’s Church is open for Private Prayer on Mondays and Wednesdays only  from 10.30 to 12noon and 2.30 to 4pm. See below for more information.

    Mass in the church will start from Sunday 12th July: See notes below.

                                         Our online Weekly newsletter continues to be published.

Click here for LIVE Masses and Services from St. Mary’s Church.
               Also links to daily LIVE Masses in UK and Ireland. http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/liveMass.html

St. Mary’s Church is open for Private Prayer. (See below.)

The four Archbishops of England write: Health and hygiene are of the utmost importance when entering the enclosed space of your Church, in order to avoid passing COVID on by touch or by breath.

• They insist: one metre social distance plus facial covering for all entering St Mary’s Church.

• Mass to be kept as short as possible.

• Result of one metre social distancing: only between 120 and 140 can attend each Mass, no longer 300!

• Therefore the Archbishops remind us: 

-  the Sunday obligation to attend Mass is still suspended;

-  we still need real Mass weekly (more than virtual) because we need Our Lord to feed us:

• so St Marys will provide FIVE ‘SUNDAY’ Masses WEEKLY, each with the current Sunday Readings:

SATURDAY 11th JULY:   12.00pm and 6.00pm

SUNDAY 12th JULY:    10.30am and 5.00pm  (The 10.30am Mass will be LIVE-STREAMED on Youtube.)

WEDNESDAY 15th JULY: 7.00pm  

• Please: which ‘Sunday’ Mass can you come to other than the 10.30am on Sunday, so leaving room for others?

• If concerned for the health of children, of family elderly or your own, please attend the live-streamed Mass.

• If for the next few weeks you prefer the live-streamed Mass, please stay with it, don’t come to St Mary’s!!

Why only 5 ‘Sunday’ Masses at St Mary’s?  Because Govt and RC Church require that every surface touched (benches, seat, back and top) must be cleaned with warm soapy water and dried as soon as you’ve left the Church!! For this we need trained Stewards: training is in Church, Wednesday 8th July, 7.00pm and Thursday 9th July at 10.30am.

When you come to your chosen Mass, (- quite possibly not your normal one): doors open half-hour before.

1)  Place your Offering/Gift Aid Envelope in the Offertory Box at main entrance. (Side entrance is closed).

2)  Sanitize your hands with pump provided or with your own. Take a Parish Bulletin.

3)  On entering Porch, a Steward (badged) will show you to your place, starting from front of new Church. Please sit only in place directed by Steward.

4) Please do not attempt to kneel: kneelers out of use. Sitting or standing preserves 1 metre distancing. 

5) Stewards will direct all in each bench, forward for Holy Communion or Blessing, returning by opposite end of bench. All in the bench must exit and approach the minister to avoid climbing past anyone.

6) Holy Communion will be taken in silence, with face-covering lowered, toes against altar step, hand stretched out flat, (don’t touch minister’s hand!), one metre from minister, returning to place via opposite end of bench.

7) At the end of Mass, remain seated until the Stewards direct one bench at a time to the exit, all 1 metre apart. Please exit, as directed and clear porch and forecourt as quickly as possible.

8) Sorry no visits to Shrines or Saints - and no candles; no priests at the doors - find latter along road!

9) Mass will be shorter: no singing, no Responsorial Psalm, no Bidding Prayers, no Collection, no Offertory Procession - and shorter Sermon!  And Please: take away Bulletin, Missal, dropped paper tissues…

St. Mary’s Church opens for Mass on 12th July; See IMPORTANT NOTES BELOW.....

   The Live-Streamed Mass at 10.30am will continue, available all week via YouTube,

           St Mary’s website (http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/liveMass.html),

  on Facebook and is also available to listen to, by calling 0121 312 2100 at local rate,        

                                                                                    all week.

Click here for LIVE-STREAMED Masses and Services from St. Mary’s Church.
                          Also links to daily LIVE Masses in UK and Ireland. http://www.saintmarysharborne.org.uk/liveMass.html