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Before 1870: Catholicism in Birmingham
The “original” St. Mary’s in Harborne High Street, 1870
The Augustinian Friars at St. Mary’s, 1973
History of the Passionist Order
History of the Augustinian Order
History of Clare Priory (1)
History of Clare Priory (2)
More information about Clare Priory (A Parish and Retreat Centre) today  
                                                  and a video of Clare Town
History of St. Mary’s School
Sketch of the original chapel in Heath Street. [High Street]
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It was not surprising, therefore, that some people wondered what the "new" Community would be like, but it hadn't taken them long to find out that the Austin Friars have the same aims and hopes for their new flock as had their predecessors; and are fulfiling Archbishop McIntyre's prophecy that "There is a future in this place".
The Passionists finally left Harborne in 1973 when the Augustinians took over the parish; and for their continuing history please click this text for the continuing story.
A selection of photos of Clare Priory, Suffolk