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Order of St. Augustine.

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“Before all else, live together in harmony, being of one mind and one heart on the way to God.”  St. Augustine.

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St. Mary’s Church History Pages

Clare Priory Today

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Clare Priory today is an Augustinian Retreat Centre and a Parish

Established in 1248 at the invitation of Richard de Clare it was the first House of the Austin (or Augustinian) Friars in England. Clare Priory is one of the oldest religious houses in England; situated in the shadows of Clare Castle on the banks of the River Stour in Suffolk. Following its suppression in 1538 the house through many hands and uses until the Friars purchased the house in 1953 and returned to their origins in England.

Clare Priory today acts as a Parish and a Retreat Centre.

It is the home of a mixed Community of Augustinian Friars and lay people, open to both men and women, seeking to live the Christian life according to the Rule of St. Augustine, which emphasises the need to search for God together in order to achieve oneness of mind and heart.

The Community of Clare Priory welcomes all visitors

either to our picturesque grounds, ruins, and shrine, or for longer stays fro either individual or group Retreats. The Priory offers excellent modern Retreat facilities in our renovated Stable House with en-suite and disabled facilities. You can stay in the Priory, which houses both single and family rooms and rooms for smaller groups. Please contact us HERE for further information.http://www.clarepriory.org.uk/contact-us.html

2014: A new Church for Clare Priory.

The planning began in 1996. The main obstacle was the historic nature of the site and thus producing a plan that would satisfy English Heritage, the Environmental Department of the Local Authority and, of course, the Diocese.

Click the  photo of the plans to see the new Church today.....

(The new Church was Consecrated on 6th October 2015.)

A picturesque view of the Priory.

Did you know that Richard III and Queen Anne Neville are buried at Clare Priory? Click the blue badge for a larger version.

This is Sheila’s 2014 video of Clare Priory showing  

     the old and new church. There are also more videos on YouTube of the Priory and Clare Village.

The old Church.